28 Oct 2018

Welcome to October's Ad Picks. This month I've got 3 stellar ads to share with you and I can see all three picking up some international awards.

The first is this spot for Amazon Prime, having fun with binge series watchers. There is a series of ads to check out if you like them, but my favourite is this spot 'Vikings'. In this spot an office workers' personal actions turn into a character from the show more and more after she watches a new episode every night.

To keep the product being used and watched on different devices throughout and keeping it creative is done very well.

Last year 'Meet Graham' was a multi award winning campaign from Australia, the man designed to survive a car crash (he wasn't pretty).

MADC (Melbourne Advertising and Design Club) have created this parody called 'Meet Grant' the only man to survive a career in advertising. It's one of the best parodys I've ever seen and it's a fantastic way to target it's audience (us). I'm sure it will get shared a lot too.

The last spot this month is for New Zealand, having fun whilst telling people who are allowed to apply to become a NZ police officer.

It's 3 minutes long, but it's got so many fun moments to keep you hooked and very well informed. It even has cameo from the cop from 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' (if you haven't seen it, it's one of the best films from 2016).

I hope you enjoyed these 3 spots as much as I have this month and as always if there's a spot that you've loved this month, please share it below.

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