28 Jun 2021

My push-up challenge is done and next up is writing this edition of Ad Picks.

Apple have come up with some nice ads in the last few years, showing if you focus on one thing, rather than everything, it says a lot more.

This time they focus on security, which has really been highlighted in the last few years with brands security breaches. I like how they visually show people following you around and vanishing at the end with Apple's updated features/security. Imagine if those people where around you right now?

Guinness is a bit like Coke or McDonalds, they own those colours. This simple, but very clever ad showing things around with the world with the black and white colours.

I'm loving these ads that are making history and getting things added into computer games. A great example from last year or so was Burger King sponsoring Stevenage F.C. So their logo was within the FIFA game. People where winning the Champions League with a team in the fourth division. 

Now a player destined for glory, who got tragely lost his life in 2006 to knife crime has been added into FIFA for QPR. JD Sports are part behind this with his charity his family setup. 

Keep and eye out for him next time you play and spread this story.

5G build for gamers, this is a slightly longer ad, but I wanted to share it with all of the awesome visual tricks they've used. All of the lagging and disappearing backgrounds in games that we used to see in the past. 4G surely wasn't this bad though?

I hope you enjoyed reading this Ad Picks. Please let me know if there's anything that caught your eye this month.

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