24 Aug 2021

It's Ad Picks time.

Starting this month with a funny spot from Amazon, it's a modern take on Rapunzel and it made me laugh. Nice production values too.

I saw this ad during the Olympics multiple times and its stopped me putting multiple plastic bags in the red waste bin. It's not the most overly creative ad, but it shows advertising works when done well and with one key takeaway message. Save the environment people.

The next spot is for the Paralympics. Every 4 years this spot is top notch. This time it's got an epic sound track and editing. It really makes you feel what the Paralympic athletics have to go through to get there.

The Wiggles and Simon Cowell the perfect combination finally put together. Being a dad to a 2 and a half year old, listening and watching the Wiggles daily, adding Simon into the mix cracked me right up. The Grey Wiggle. The writing is brilliant, I love the calamari line aimed at Henry the Octopus the best.

I hope you enjoyed it, if there's anything you think I missed out, please send it over or comment below.

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