29 Jun 2013

It's been a busy few weeks in the world of advertising with D&AD, then Cannes last week. There's been so much fantastic work floating around, it's worth checking out all the winners. But I wanted to give this weeks 'Ad of the week' to the future lion winners (an annual competition for students run by AKQA).

First I have to say all 5 ideas where fantastic and worthy winners. I wanted to share 'Pebble - Sense Danger'. The one entry that would save a persons life (a deaf person in this case). It's a watch that links fire alarms, home alarms over wifi to it and if there is a danger it sends vibrations to alert the user, waking them up. I know how much this could impact on a deaf person, having worked on campaigns for the deaf. Just imagine next time your smoke alarm is going off, not hearing it and what could the consequences could be.

Watch the case study.

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